FAQ Stocks

Q: How often do you update the members area with charts (either long or short)?

A: I update at least once depending on a good looking chart and my system. Sometimes I post multiple charts daily (long or short) as I see the alerts and look at the chart. I also post stocks to short sell. When I post a chart, I also include a link to a news article that explains why the stock is moving. I also provide analysis on the potential or risk of the trade with notes and looking back in time to see if there is any resistance or support areas to watch for. Support and resistance in charts are very valuable points to watch for using technical analysis and millions of traders use them around the world.

The best time to trade is at the opening of the market at 9:30 am EST. That is when the most activity occurs and the biggest movements happen. However, the beauty of swing trading is that you don’t have to buy stocks in the morning and can just trade later on in the day and hold onto the stock for however long the momentum continues.

I will update a short selling opportunity if the chart looks good and there is enough volume, bad news, and price change and if it has broken support or resistance.

Q: Do you offer mutual fund charting for long term and lesser risk trading?

A: Yes we do look at mutual funds that are 5 star ratings by Moody which have had the largest increase in movement over time. We use several criteria to select the best funds.

Q: Do you offer Option trading?

  1. No. We do not trade options, however, just looking at the charts and you already know how to trade options, it should be very easy to trade based on the charts.

Q: What is swing trading?

A:  Swing trading is holding a stock for more than one day, sometimes weeks or even months. It is not buy and hold. It is capturing momentum based on all the factors I discussed above (news, volume, etc.).

Q: What is a trailing stop loss?

A: A trailing stop loss is an order to sell the stock automatically if the stock drops in price. Every brokerage has this feature to create a stop loss at the time you place your order. You can base it on percentage (which I do – usually at 3-4% from the price I buy it at). I usually don’t go over 4% because if I am wrong about the stock, I want to get out of my position quickly without any further loss. A stop loss is very important to protecting your assets so you don’t lose all your money on one trade. You can protect your money with a stop loss. It is always following the stock too, and if the stock price goes up, the stop loss goes up with it. Consider it as a safety net for your trade. If you want further details please call your broker and they can explain what it is and how to execute one.

Q: Why don’t you have stocks to short sell on your tour page?

A:  Since we have been in a very strong bull market for over 3 years, I tend to avoid shorting unless it is a very strong chart and with very bad news. I try to go with the flow of the market which means if we are bullish (going up) I usually trade in long positions. If we are in a bear market (going down), I usually trade short selling.

Q: What is short selling?

A: Short selling is when a stock is falling in price, you can profit by selling it first (you actually are borrowing the shares from the brokerage temporarily) and then as it goes down in price you make money just as if it was going up. Again, you still need to place a trailing stop loss for a short sell trade.

Q: Do you have social media accounts or a blog with daily updates?

A: Yes. Click on the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram icons at the bottom left of the page to see my posts. I also have a Blog where I also post daily showing a free chart every now and then for people considering joining.

Q: How do I cancel my membership?

A: On the support page you will find a link to cancel your membership, or you can call the toll free number on our page to cancel. You can also email customer support and they will cancel your membership too.

Q: Can I get a refund for my membership?

A: Absolutely. If you are not satisfied with your membership just send us an email and we will contact you to confirm.

Q: I forgot my login. How do I get it back?

A: After you join, you will be emailed a login that you created at the time you joined. You can call customer service for the login or email us and we will send it to you.


Past results do not guarantee future results. We are not responsible for any losses you may incur trading. Trading is risky and each trade should be a percentage of your trading money, not going all in with everything on one trade. That is a recipe for disaster. Trade in equal dollar amounts and take profits every now and then to keep the gains. Or you can add to the position over time if it continues to rise. Either way, the stocks I select can EASILY fall the next day (which I have seen half the time) so it is better to protect your losses with a close trailing stop order than to hope that the stock will go up again. That has always been my trading style and philosophy.