Check out the updates on my stock picks from the past two weeks to now plus NEW charts to watch

Check out my stock picks from a few weeks ago continue to rise on the momentum in the market. On every selloff, buyers jump back in and buy on the dips. That indicates strength in the market. Look at the stocks progression over time. ZM, PYPL, SQ, SPOT, SNAP, PYPL, ETSY, DOCU, CRDF, and NVTA. All of these stocks are popular now due to the technology involved in the covid environment. Stocks such as Zoom for online meetings, Paypal for online transactions (sending and receiving money), Spotify for businesses doing online business together and Docusign (which is used to sign documents online instead of on paper) are all on fire now and at all time highs. They are listed below. Compared them to my post on June 18.




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