Stock charts for June 18 plus follow up on stocks from June 17 winners

Here are the few stocks that have a decent chart based on price increase, volume and news. SPOT is a new chart I found today which spiked on price and volume. The main news on SPOT is they signed a big deal with Warner Brothers and Kim Kardashian.

Another new stock which looks great is PYPL. Take a look at it. It is at an all time high and momentum continues.

One more to watch is PD. It is at an all time high and beat estimates and has risen 30% in May alone. Technically, it just broke out of MACD which is a strong bullish indicator and RSI is also about to break out to the upside meaning it could rise a while longer.

I posted the follow through charts on YY and VVNT which continue to rise on momentum. VVNT has a very large gap to fill from the dramatic fall in price in March. I see it gradually moving up to fill that gap slowly over time. The next possible price of resistance is 22 when the huge sell off occurred. ZM is maintaining it’s price as well even with a bit of profit taking yesterday.

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